Illustration & Design

Comic Book & Concept Art

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Types of Media


Covers, Pin-ups, Headshots.

Comic pages, Layouts.

Tattoo Design


Drawing & Painting in Photoshop.

Finalized design and layout.


Traditional Painting & Coloring.

Markers, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, & Chalk.



Examples of some of my Artwork


My name is Clay Patterson. Born in South Carolina to a lower middle class family, I've been drawing my whole life. I was saved by my Lord Jesus Christ and it's HE who put this desire to create in me. My Granny drew me a pic of Spiderman when I was a kid, yes my granny!! Ever since then I've been hooked! I've not had any formal training in art. Just what you would get from traditional education. Through constant practice, reading and learning from other artists I've added to that knowledge. Art is, like many things ever growing and I must grow with it. For me Art is a vessel to convey emotion, style and perspective! I'm constantly inspired by new artists. God the one true creator is my greatest inspiration but on the more mortal side is: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, Frank Frazetta, Burne Hogarth, Barry Windsor Smith, Neal Adams, Jim Lee and the Founders of Image Comics! The impact they have had on my art is crazy, I hope one day I will have that same effect on others.



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